District 8 Republicans Have a Clear Choice on May 21st:

Conservative Rob Beiswenger or Liberal Matthew Bundy

Bundy was the only Republican in the House to join with the Democrats to oppose protecting children from sex change surgeries and drugs.

Rob will always vote to protect children from the Woke Mob.

Despite rising inflation and food costs, Bundy repeatedly voted to kill grocery sales tax repeal efforts.

As a substitute State Rep, Rob voted to eliminate the grocery sales tax and will do so again.

In 2022, Bundy joined the Democrats and opposed a bill that would have protected workers from being fired if they refused a covid vaccine.

As a substitute State Rep, Rob voted to protect employees and eliminate the vaccine mandate.

Bundy is supported and funded by Big Labor union bosses.

Rob is a long time champion of employee freedom and Right to Work legislation.

Because of Bundy’s outrageous leftist voting record, Bundy was unanimously condemned and censured by all 4 GOP Central Committees in the district: Elmore, Boise, Valley and Custer.

Rob will support our traditional Republican values of lower taxes, defending the 2nd Amendment and protecting our children.

There is no comparison. Rob Beiswenger is a proven conservative who will fight for the values of House District 8 voters. Rep. Bundy has already proven he carries water for the liberal political establishment in Boise.

Vote 4 Rob on May 21st!

Rob Beiswenger's Top Issues:

Protect Idaho’s children from the Woke Mob and Left-wing indoctrination: I’ll vote against Sex Change surgeries and drugs for children and push back against anti-American propaganda like so-called Critical Race Theory.

Safe and Fair Elections: As your next State Representative I will never stop fighting for clean and fair elections

Cut taxes and eliminate the sales tax on groceries: with skyrocketing inflation and bank failures we need to help Idaho’s hard working families immediately

Safeguard Parental Rights: I support parental control over children’s education

Protect Idaho’s Water: Our waterways and aquifers must be maintained and protected for us, our children and grand-children.

Rob and his family moved to Idaho from Indiana in 2019. While in Indiana, Beiswenger led the campaign to make the Hoosier State a “Right to Work State” and thereby free employees across Indiana from mandatory membership in workplace unions. In part because of Beiswenger’s efforts, Indiana ultimately passed state-level Right to Work legislation in 2012.
In 2009, Beiswenger and his wife Crystal founded Collaborative Behavior Solutions, a business that provides in-home therapy for children with autism. This business still runs in Indianapolis, Indiana today.
Rob now works for Idaho-based Money Metals Exchange, the precious metals dealer named “Best Overall” in the U.S. by Investopedia, a world investment authority. Money Metals helps Americans protect themselves against inflation and financial turmoil by diversifying a portion of their savings into physical gold and silver.
Rob Beiswenger and Rep Dorothy Moon
Rob with Idaho GOP
Chairwoman Dorothy Moon (Challis, ID)

"I believe my background in fighting for individual rights and my background in businesses focusing on helping others – has prepared me to be an effective advocate for the interests of 8th District residents."

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